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Dr. Maurice Palermo, DDS

Looking for a better dental experience?  Dr. Maurice Palermo and his staff want you to have that good experience every time you go in for a visit. If you’ve been putting off visiting a dentist, wait no longer! The more you wait the more dental and periodontal problems can develop. Unfortunately, putting off dental care can result in having to undergo more extensive treatment down the road. There is no need to wait because Dr. Palermo is a renown Reno dentist who offers skilled and compassionate care.  One of Reno’s Favorite Dentists  Dr. Maurice Palermo, DDS, is a Reno dentist who offers professional and compassionate care. Dr. Palermo has been practicing in Reno for over 20 years and has a stellar reputation for precision and thoroughness at fair prices. He is exceptionally gentle and provides his patients with empathy and compassion during each visit.  A Dentist Who Cares  “What excites me the most is that we make a difference in people’s lives every day. The artistry and psychology of dentistry keeps it fresh and new every day, and my experience makes it easier. Precision is what we strive for, and this accuracy equates to longevity. As we improve your oral health, you’ll be more comfortable, happier, and live longer!”  Serving the Reno/Tahoe Area and Beyond  Dr. Palermo has been providing some of the best dental care and services in Reno for more than 20 years! He and his staff we do their absolute best to assist their patients when it comes to providing affordable dental care. A large percentage of his patients are not covered by dental insurance. We can take care of your oral health and come up with a payment plan that will suit your budget.   Extensive Range of Treatments Available  Dr. Palermo is not just an ordinary dentist, he is a skilled practitioner who provides a wide range of treatment options at affordable prices. He and his staff ensure that any procedures they perform are carried out to the highest standards possible. However, should there be a treatment or procedure that he cannot perform, he is able to refer his patients to a reliable network of specialists in the Reno, Nevada area.  Should you be in need of dental care, or a second opinion, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Maurice Palermo as soon as possible. Dr. Palermo and his staff will do their best to assist you in providing affordable dental care. Patients are encouraged to give his office a call to schedule an appointment time that is convenient.  Patients are welcome to give his office a call to schedule an appointment time. Please call Monday-Wednesday 8 am to 5 pm, Thursday 8am-3pm or Friday 9 am to 1 pm. 

775-825-8783.         RENO DENTIST